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If you don’t want to hire a professional, these are the precaution steps you should take. Keeping your home clean is a must. The kitchen is where it all happens. The sink, the drain pipes, they should be free of dirt and clutter. Washing your clothes regularly and sealing all the ventilation vents is also crucial.

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The Swedish ministry of environment has revealed the upsetting discovery of rats that have developed an immunity to almost any poison commonly applied. According to a report from a Brussels situated pest control agency, the rats were found in six different sewage installations across the city. As with humans and antibiotics, the persistent use of chemicals has led to deformations on a genetic level.


We at BugTerminator have created a distinctive name for ourselves, giving our customers quality protection against every pest there is. We have been dealing with bugs, termites and all sorts of rodents since the foundation of our company in 1958. We follow the latest technology trends, ensuring the safety of your living environment.

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Guidelines for choosing quality pest exterminator

Pests invasion may occur at any time. It may be the issue you will face right after moving into a new house or offices or insects may just invade the house you already live in taking advantage of providing conditions for their emerging and reproduction. In all these...

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Bed bugs – All you need to know

It is a common fallacy that bed bugs suggest a low level of hygiene, especially among people who travel a lot. Bed bugs are in fact a issue you could face event with pretty high standards of hygiene and sanitation in your home. These flat, reddish insects grow up to...

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Pest-free property is a healthy environment

No one likes pests in their house or property and whenever you locate one the first thing that falls on your mind is how to exterminate it. Some individuals prefer to send the pests away without killing them, which is also an option. Two possibilities exist when it...

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