Golden Independent is a pest control agency situated in New York. The foundation of our company goes back to 1976, when our current CEO Donald Edgerton decided to start a business that will provide superior quality extermination services. Over the years, our stable of qualified and certified technicians delivered only the best when it comes to dealing with pests. Our highly skilled staff possesses all the necessary tools to keep your environment safe, clean, and undesirable to all kinds of bugs, insects, rodents and birds.
Since our office headquarters are located downtown, every kind of pest solution is within your grasp. We strive towards implementing only the latest technologies. Entomologists within our team will keep you posted on regulatory changes and will administer tech support if needed. We are specialized in providing pest control services for various food managements, hospitals, and facilities that go through government inspection.


Virginia Watkins

I have been a long time user of BugTerminator services. Their staff is very polite and ready to help. They are so great, that even my neighbors requested their phone number.

John Wall

I had a nasty problem with cockroaches. They infested my entire house, to the point I couldn’t live there anymore. All it took is just one phone call, and voila, BugTerminator was here.

Patricia Johnson

These BugTerminator guys well earned their name. A whole bunch of technicians came over to my place, and in a matter of minutes, I knew what I had to do.