Calling the exterminators

Calling the exterminators

If you want to get rid of pests, the best option for you is to call exterminators. It won’t be the cheapest option, but the result is guaranteed. You can try to do it yourself, but unless you know exactly what you are doing, you will have a problem with them. So the best option is to call the experts on this matter. You need to understand that they are not that expensive because they will save you time and money. If you don’t know what you’re up against, the best solution is to call exterminators. There are a lot of companies that are in this business, but don’t be a cheapskate and choose the cheapest option. You should always ask and look for positive feedback. Just because they are the cheapest options doesn’t mean that they are the best option. Usually, those who are pricy will always get the job done.

So make sure you choose the best possible solution for you home. If you don’t know anything about any company, just look online. You are bound to find some answers and feedback. Once you decide which company to call, you should dial the numbers and schedule an appointment with the pest killer. Once they come into your home, you will be asked to leave it because there is going to be some serious gas and chemicals going around. You will tell them where the bugs are seen, but they will spray places that are suspicious. Anyway, you will be asked to leave because those chemicals are not good for your longs or your brain. Those chemicals will get the job done, but that doesn’t mean that you have to inhale it. These situations don’t last long.

After the treatment

After the treatment, you will return to your home and make sure that all the windows are wide-open. This is important to filtrate you home with fresh air. Your exterminator will come again for a routine checkup and spray again in a minor amount. This preventive measure is to eliminate the possible infestation at other places or to kill the hidden bugs if some of them survived. You will also have a warranty because those chemicals do the job.

Your home after the infestation

You home will be clean again. The exterminator will tell you to look for pests in the places they have been seen. If they show up again, you should call them, and they will spray your home again. These chemicals are dangerous for humans only when eaten. SO if you have small children or babies, make sure that the area is clean when you let them in. You don’t want problems. Your exterminator will tell you what to do and what not to do. It is really important to understand this. After a couple of treatments, you home will be pest free. Usually, it takes more than one treatment to do the job, but in most cases, only one treatment is enough.

Treating pests with the help of chemicals

Treating pests with the help of chemicals

This is the situation when you think that you can handle an infection in your home. We don’t think that it is a good idea but let’s think for a moment. You don’t want to spend money on professionals who will get the job done. You have a minor situation and let’s face it. A spray here and there might get them. So let’s talk about the situation when you go to your local store and buy a chemical that will take care of those nasty pests. You know that one chemical can’t handle all pests. You will need to choose a couple of chemicals or sprays so to speak if you want to be covered. The first step is to identify the little bugger. If you don’t know which type of pest is it, you can search it online. You would be amazed how many species you can find.

Ok, you’ve tried to identify it, or you have probably identified it. The next step is to apply the chemical near their nest, or in the area you see them emerging. Our homemade remedy for ants and insects that emerge from the ground is rather simple. You don’t have to buy chemicals. You can use baking soda with vinegar. Don’t you believe us? Put that in the ant’s nest, and you can see the results yourself. But if you want to use chemicals made for these insects you need to realize that there are different categories for different insects. You might find a couple of variations for these buggers, but there is no universal cure for all pests.

Flying insects

They are most common when you have some food leftovers, or you simply have a nest in your roof or a tree near your home. To remove these insects, you simply have to apply the chemical that is made to kill them. Keep in mind that if they are in your home, you will have to be careful when applying it. The general advice is to open all your windows to remove the contaminated air. These chemicals are safe for humans, but you don’t want to take chances. There have been reports of allergic reactions to these chemicals. So the best thing is to clear the air in your home once you start applying.

Ground insects

Usually but not always, you can find chemicals that will kill almost all insects that are on the ground. The idea is to apply a chemical to their shells, and it will burn them. You can even see the reaction on them once the chemical is applied. Of course, you should always be careful if you have small children or pets in your home. You need to make sure that they don’t touch the chemical or eat it. There can be some serious problems if something of these two situations occurs. Understanding these things is very important if you don’t want to have problems.

Selecting best quality pest control service

Selecting best quality pest control service

Having pests around your property or in the household may be a great burden but choosing best possible pest control service doesn’t have to be. For sure it is a very important decision when you want to eliminate this “disease transporters” with some potentially dangerous chemicals from your house.

Pest control service includes using methods that are working toward suppression of pest population keeping them in their proper territory. Due to the huge growing of these populations, there is an increasing trend today of pest management developing many companies with pest service programs. So the choice is outnumbering which is two-sided sword fact, a big number of this service companies doesn’t necessarily lead to the fact everybody is doing their job with the highest quality. But still, not everything is lost, just following few steps and advice could lead you to the best solution.

Experience and reputation

Eliminating pests properly needs a lot of time and strategic development, and so every company develops some of their own best tactics. Hire a company that has special experience in handling your particular kind of pest problem. This is one of the crucial roles that lead to best results, so you better get to work and look at reviews related to the company you are interested in. Do not be lazy and ask your friends, family or neighborhood, go online and read about company rank, for sure you will get some important information.


Like in any other business and service you should consider this while making a decision. If there is no license from higher agencies and register institutions, there is also no qualifications and respected standards. So do not take the service if the company is not registered. Even better do not trust them simply because they tell you so, take their license numbers and check it yourself with contacting the organization that gave them license and authority.

Price and guarantee

Search for a bigger number of pest services so you may compare their price lists. You may not believe how prices may be fluctuating and beside that quality of services should always be a priority you should think twice about the size of your budget. Always consider discounts or package offers, it always includes some savings than regular prices. And regarding the quality be aware that is always proportional to the guarantee of the company. It is very important that company is competent for what they do so not the only service is best done but also your health and property not damaged and cleaned for a longer period.

Safety standards

According to using dangerous chemicals and dealing with some risk potential pests, it is important to consider safety and precautionary measures. Staff should be willing to discuss with you about the chemicals they will use, effects that should be expected and not. Chemicals should have labels including clean appearance. If at any moment company representative makes you feel uncomfortable trust your gut always. In the end, it is your home and family that you are protecting. Good communication and team working are a basic leading to efficient problem-solving.

How to Find the Most Affordable Pest Control Service

How to Find the Most Affordable Pest Control Service

As you might know, hiring pest control company to come to your home and clean it from all the infestation that you might have is quite expensive. That is the main reason why some people try and do all of the hard work themselves not even realizing that it cannot be done without the proper equipment. Not only that you require special equipment to eliminate certain pests, but you also need some experience when dealing with them and if you don’t have either of those, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. No matter how small of the problem you might be having, if you are not feeling comfortable and confident about them, you need to call for professional help.

The great thing that not all people know about is that not every pest control service has to be expensive, there are plenty of affordable pest control companies that offer the exact same services for a much cheaper price. The reason why not many people know about them is that nobody really tries to research it. Everyone just picks out the first number they see and call for help. This way you will not have a lot of luck finding an affordable company that is for sure.


If you have read everything up until now, then you know that research is really important when it comes to finding a pest control company that has affordable prices. It is this way with everything else, the most expensive things will always be at your nose and you can find them really easily, but the more affordable things are hidden from huge companies, but they are still just as good if not even better. The problem with big companies other than the fact they are blocking the smaller ones is that they don’t always offer the best service. Some of the smaller companies offer a much more detailed job for the same or even lower price. That’s why you always have to do some thorough research before calling any pest control company.

This will save you a lot of money, just spend some more time online and search for pest control services in your area, for sure more companies will come up. Of course, the larger companies may charge you more, but that is due to some more advanced equipment that they are using. However, with pest control services, even with the basic equipment, the job can be done, you don’t need any fancy stuff.


If you want to know who does the best job, then the only way for you to find that out is to ask your friends or neighbors who have used pest control services before. They will surely recommend you someone who knows what they are doing. Just ask few friends and try to compare the results that you get from them and pick one that fits your criteria. This way you can easily find a company that has the lowest prices and quality services.

How to Deal with Scary Pests in Your Home

How to Deal with Scary Pests in Your Home

There are a lot of people all around the world who have one thing in common and that is the fear of scary pests in your homes like bugs, spiders, and even snakes. Well, it is quite normal to be afraid of something that you don’t understand, it is a natural thing for us humans to be afraid of spiders because we know that some of them can be deadly. Of course, not every spider is poisonous, but if you are not an expert, when you see one, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and because of that, you should be scared of them.

This article is not about dealing with that fear, we made this article to help out people by giving them advice how to get rid of these bugs the easiest and safest way. If you see a big spider in your home or some unusual bug that you are afraid of, you don’t always have to call a pest control service. You need to call them when you have a serious problem with a lot of insects and bugs. In situations when you can get rid of the pests by yourself, you should try and do it because this way you can save yourself some time and money.


One of the pests that most people are afraid of touching or getting in any type of contact with is spiders. The main reason for that is because people don’t understand them, and they have heard only bad things about them. If you hear scary stories like how they attacked and bit someone, then you will be scared of them too. Well, we have news for you, spiders are not an aggressive animal, they are actually quite scared of humans just like most of these small bugs. If they attack you hat is because they are defending themselves.
Depending on where you live, you might even not be affected by poisonous spiders. So, first of all, you have to know if you have dangerous spiders in your country if you have, then you have to be careful when dealing with them. However, in case you don’t have any dangerous spiders, you can easily remove them from your home without being afraid of them.

Save the Animals

Whenever removing a spider from your home, you want to make sure to do it a humane way and try not to hurt the animal. If you don’t know how to approach it, then leave it to professionals, especially if the spider might be poisonous. We suggest that you use some type of glass or plastic bottle to remove the bug from your home. This way you don’t get in direct contact with the spider and the spider will not get hurt. You can easily just place them outside on the grass and let them find a new home in natural habitat. Once again, if you are too afraid, don’t go killing the spider, you can just cause more damage that way, call up professionals and use pest control services.

Simple Ways to Clean Your Home from Pests

Simple Ways to Clean Your Home from Pests

Dealing with pests in your home is one of the worst things that can happen, especially if you are living there with your family because it can be really unhygienic. You don’t want your kids to be playing around in a home that is filled with all kinds of insects and bugs. They can easily get sick from them because kids mostly like to play on the floor and there is where the nasty things can be found. That’s why we strongly recommend that you find a solution as soon as possible because you cannot live in an environment like that for a long time.

If you don’t know any solutions or where to find them, then you hit the jackpot because this article is all about simple ways and solutions to clean your home from pests. If you follow the instructions that you find below, you will not have any problem with pests in your home. However, you have to make sure that you do everything exactly as we say and be consistent, don’t do this routine once and forget about it. That way you won’t get any results, you have to be dedicated.

Professional Help

The first advice we give out to everyone who has issues with pests inside their home is to hire professionals to deal with the problem. Simple as that, all you really need to do is hire pest control professionals and they will do all the hard work for you. This is the best way to get rid of every single insect and bug because they are using some unique methods and specialized equipment to eliminate the pests. Of course, no matter how good of a job they did, the results that you get are never permanent, and you cannot do anything to change that.

These are only temporary results and if you are not being careful with food and cleaning of the house, then you will be having pests inside your home in no time again. This method of eliminating the pests is one of the most expensive options that you have, so if you are looking for something more on the affordable side, we have something else for you.

Maintaining/Cleaning Your Home with Home Remedies

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money on pest control services, you have to find another way to get rid of those insects and bugs. Our suggestion is to find online some home remedies that you can easily make and use that for cleaning your home. Most important thing after using these remedies is to continue cleaning your home regularly. A lot of people make the mistake of not maintaining the cleanliness of their home and after some time the pests are back again in their homes. If you don’t want that happening to you, then make sure that you are following a strict schedule of cleaning the entire home, especially the kitchen area where a lot of food is stored and consumed.

5 worst pests for a home that the pest control can help you with

5 worst pests for a home that the pest control can help you with

Every kind of pest is terrible for both your home and your life. It usually takes tons of time and money to get rid of them, and the worst part is that they can return at any time if certain conditions of pest control is not performed. This means that the pests can literally move in your home in no time at all and it can be hard to get rid of them, depending on the type of the pests and the level of the infestation that has happened.

We certainly don’t like any pests in our home, however, when it comes down to the worst of the worst we have made a list of the 5 worst pests that are pretty common in people’s homes in no particular order.

1) Cockroaches

The most common pest, and the most famous pest of them all. The Cockroaches are pests that usually infest wet and humid places where they can breed and all they need is food. While most of the people don’t even know that their homes are infested, the roaches will be hiding in the walls and crevices during the day and walk ours during the night. Eliminating roaches takes some time and it takes a full treatment of all the wet surfaces and holes in the walls. These little pests pose a health risk as they are usually responsible for contaminating the food preparation area and asthma attacks and allergic reactions in kids and adults.

2) Bedbugs

Bed bugs are the worst as they keep attacking us while we sleep. The number of bed bugs has risen in the past couple of years and once they infest a bed its usually time to either call the professionals or get a new bed. The treatment is not expansive to get rid of them but consistency is important or they can come back easily.

3) Rats

Rats are the most famous disease-carrying pests. The problem with these rodents is that they usually make their home in areas where you don’t check that often like the attack and they just wreck the place with their feces and urine. The horror does not stop there as they traverse through your whole home through the ventilation shafts and once the vents are infested with them the spreading of their bacteria and diseases begins to be problematic.

4) Ants

There are many species of ants and some are particularly aggressive where their bite really hurts. However, the problem is not in their aggressiveness but in their numbers. During the summer these pests come in masses if they find a food resource in your home.

5) House Flies

House flies are the most boring and persistent of all the pests. While ants will bug you with their numbers and unwanted raids to your kitchen, the house flies will make every room their home if you let them. During the summer it’s imperative that you have all your windows protected with a net, and makes sure to take your garbage out frequently as they love to come in, buzz around and lay eggs wherever they can.

Why is bi-monthly service the best option for you?

Why is bi-monthly service the best option for you?

As we all know, pesticides give results up to two months of their application. The advantage of bi-monthly pest control service is that the exterminator can re-use pesticides so you could always be safe and pest free. Those bugs and all other pests will not be able to settle in your home, and the protection is always active. After a couple of services or treatments with the bi-monthly pest control strategy, all those troubling pests in your home will be eliminated because of a much better strategy that is undertaken. The exterminators know exactly where to act and where to apply the pesticides, and with this method, they usually don’t need to spray inside your home.

The pest control could be applied from the outside if all these steps have been undertaken. Another great thing about this method is that you have free re-application between regular services. If you spot bugs or any other pests in your home, the exterminator comes and deals with those troublemakers. And it is free. No extra charge. The deal is that this type of service gives you a pest control service whenever you need it and whenever it is necessary.

For example, a one-time option treatment is only a temporary solution. It has a guaranteed service of 30 days, but what happens after that? It will destroy most of the bugs and other pests from the outside, but what about their eggs, larvae or maggots? Are they still living inside wall cracks or other holes? After a while, you will be right at the beginning, and you have to go all over again. On the other hand, a monthly service is probably too much because pests are not that dangerous or stubborn. They are not that kind of a problem. They are not invincible.

Do we have any other pest control options?

You can also go and buy some pest control products from your local hardware store. You can buy do-it-yourself products that are an option that you might consider. But also consider that those products are the only thing consumers have as an alternative to professional pest control service. Commercial pest products are only being used, or at least that is the recommendation, with the adequate equipment ant tools that are designed for them. So this is the option if you have enough time, will and money to do it yourself if you don’t trust the companies.

Another problem is that you don’t know, as a consumer, which product is good and which is more effective than the other. And not all pest sprays apply to all pests. Each type of pests has a specific type of pest spray. A licensed technician is trained and knows where to spray and not to overspray because too many pesticides are not good for your health. So maybe a wiser decision is to pay a company that will do that for you.

pest control services

And what about the cost?

Well, it is around 60-80 dollars every other month. Maybe it is a little bit more expensive than do-it-yourself products, but they will get the job done. You, on the other hand, wouldn’t be so lucky.

When is the best time of the year to have our pests exterminated?

When is the best time of the year to have our pests exterminated?

First of all, there are a lot of cases where an exterminator can resolve your problems with all sorts of pests. Most people ask this question because they think or they have heard that certain type of year or even weather can affect your pest control efficiency. The truth is that there is no right time. You can always call the exterminators whenever you feel the need or when you see that certain pests have come up in your home.

Seasonal infestations and other factors that can make an impact on your decision.

Now that you know that there isn’t any right or wrong time to call the exterminators let us get deeper into the subject. There are certain times or periods that some species of pests have a faster or higher infestation rate which means that they expand more quickly or rapidly. For example ants, mosquitoes, and a big majority of other pests are usually more active in the summer than in the winter. Of course, this is just a generalization because there are always exceptions.

Seasonal infestations

During winter time, it is usually harder to find or track down traces of pest infestation. Because of their biology pests are usually in some stasis or dormant in their nests, and in this period it is usually much easier to find them and get rid of them usually almost all of them. As we all know exposing them to extreme cold will usually kill them. And of course, we have a situation where the season is not an issue. Instead, we have the weather as the main reason.

Mosquitoes and other pests usually require water or high levels of standing water to breed and develop so that is why they all enjoy the rain and that is why they are more active during rainy periods. For example, other pest species do not like rain or humid weather. They usually like much higher or dryer ground. That is your home most of the time. For example, silverfish, water bugs and cockroaches all like dry weather and climate, so if you want to get rid of them, the best time to take action is during dry seasons. This period is when they are most active, and this is the period when you have the highest chance of eradicating them.

Call ExpertsSo if you want to take action against these little troublemakers then any time is the best time to do it. Just take action.

Call the experts – if you don’t know what to do

Even though there will be a time of year when these actions are much easier, faster, more lethal for pest and less expensive for you, the first step is always important. Different kinds of pests are more or less active at different types of seasons. But on the other hand, you could be in a lot of trouble because you could have a more than one type of pest problem and it is usually that kind of situation. So the best way is to call the experts, and they will handle your problem.

Termite infestation – get to know your enemy

Termite infestation – get to know your enemy

You don’t need a flood or storm or fire to cause dramatic damage to your home. “Silent Destroyers” can do that too. Termites are a common cause of serious pest problems, and the scope of the damage they are capable of causing is usually underestimated. Nobody expects these insects to silently, under the radar, consume various cellulose-based materials in your home for quite of the time before obvious alarming signs of damage are noticed. In fact, an average colony of termites is capable of eating through your floor, walls, furniture, foundations, even shelves with books. The activity of termites is usually noticed too late when the damage becomes costly, and most materials require full replacement, rarely repair.

How to spot the invaders?

Stop termitesTo spot the “silent invaders” on time, you should know where to look. Termites usually live in wooden structures and items, including both indoor and outdoor house items. Think of cracks in your floor or walls, joinery, trees surrounding your home or anything similar in your residence. Termites live in colonies, often in humid places, soil included. The colony is dynamic, and as they eat through the wooden structures, termites dig impressive labyrinth of tunnels. Once you spot one colony, the chances are you’ll find at least another one at some place near around. If your house is invaded by subterranean type of termites, you’ll probably find them digging tunnels in soil. Drywood termites will settle colony somewhere in wooden constructions, and various sources of light attract termites with wings.

Warning signs you shouldn’t miss

You will rarely spot the whole colony without active looking for one, but you might come across a significant number of insects around your house, light sources or some wooden elements. If any wooden construction in your home sounds hollow, suspect termites. If you notice recently cracked paint or walls or cracks in the floor, also suspect termites. Mud tubes are a sign of colony activity, and termites sometimes leave discarded wings behind.

How to prevent a termite infestation?

There are few interventions you can conduct to protect your home from these invaders, all based upon the facts about termites and their life and habits we are familiar with. Termites thrive on moisture. So, eliminate any source of it. Fix leaking problems, keep your gutters clean, drain any excessive water or mood you have around your house and keep your premises actively ventilated. Another thing you can do to prevent termite infestation is to deprive them of their food. Conduct occasional routine checkup of all wooden constructions in or outside your home. Re-paint wooden items from time to time. Keep your backyard clean by removing debris, dirt and leaves regularly.

Vacuum your furniture thoroughly and avoid piling up books or paper in humid places. However, if it happens that your house gets infected in spite of all prevention, the best is to hire professional to deal with these invaders. Only professional with their specialized equipment are capable of eliminating termites completely and preventing them from coming back.