Bed bugs – All you need to know

Bed bugs – All you need to know

It is a common fallacy that bed bugs suggest a low level of hygiene, especially among people who travel a lot. Bed bugs are in fact a issue you could face event with pretty high standards of hygiene and sanitation in your home. These flat, reddish insects grow up to few millimeters, feed on the blood of their host and live in sheets, furniture, mattress, inside wooden items and cotton pieces. They are not called bed bugs only because sheets are their preferred living environment, but also due to their increased activity during night time.

Why are bed bugs an issue?

Aside from an obvious obnoxious fact that you will have the invaders inside your bed, bed bugs bite and have the capacity to cause some health issues. Female bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime, especially if the temperature is optimal and the food is accessible. Since bed bugs feed on the host’s blood, this can cause various health issues, because people react differently to these bites and some chemicals bed bugs inject underneath the skin. Rash, allergy, swelling, itching or even pain are common signs at the mere spot of a bite. Also, bed bugs play a role of a mediator, carrying several infectious diseases from one to another host.

Warning signs suggesting bed bugs

Warning signs suggesting bed bugsDirect encountering an adult bed bug is usually not the first sign of infestation, but it is not impossible. Seeing reddish, few millimeters long insect on your sheets should trigger you to search for others. More common sign of bed bugs presence are various skin reactions to bites. Whether you spot reddish areas on your skin, feel rash, itching or stinging pain, scan your bed and near environment. Also, you might come across pieces of insect’s skin thrown away somewhere on the sheets that should indicate the presence of an adult insect around. Defecation makes similar traces. If you notice tiny dark spots scattered on your sheets, think of bed bugs.

Methods of prevention

Since bed bugs are easy to catch pretty much anywhere, including your office or traffic or hotels, keep high levels of personal hygiene is a must do to prevent bedbugs infestation. Vacuum your premises thoroughly and regularly and wash your sheets at the highest temperature. Maintain your furniture and check your house carefully after bringing in some new house items or after coming back from vacation or travel. Trips and Camping occasions are a special risk.

Pest control experts

Pest control experts for the rescue

Once you spot or suspect bed bugs, you should not hesitate, because their reproductive cycle is short and they can infest your residence a big-time in a period. The best option is to hire the professionals. Pest control experts are trained to provide thorough inspection, often using specialized devices to spot and precisely identify the insects. They know exactly where to look for, how to identify bed bugs and all the potentially infested places will be covered. Once the experts get the detailed insight into the situation, the optimal measurements will be provided. There are several different approaches to bed bugs, depending on the intensity of the infestation, the type of infested material and the total area that requires cleaning. All the bed bugs control methods are highly effective to bedbugs and should be pretty harmless to the residence and environment.