Why is bi-monthly service the best option for you?

Why is bi-monthly service the best option for you?

As we all know, pesticides give results up to two months of their application. The advantage of bi-monthly pest control service is that the exterminator can re-use pesticides so you could always be safe and pest free. Those bugs and all other pests will not be able to settle in your home, and the protection is always active. After a couple of services or treatments with the bi-monthly pest control strategy, all those troubling pests in your home will be eliminated because of a much better strategy that is undertaken. The exterminators know exactly where to act and where to apply the pesticides, and with this method, they usually don’t need to spray inside your home.

The pest control could be applied from the outside if all these steps have been undertaken. Another great thing about this method is that you have free re-application between regular services. If you spot bugs or any other pests in your home, the exterminator comes and deals with those troublemakers. And it is free. No extra charge. The deal is that this type of service gives you a pest control service whenever you need it and whenever it is necessary.

For example, a one-time option treatment is only a temporary solution. It has a guaranteed service of 30 days, but what happens after that? It will destroy most of the bugs and other pests from the outside, but what about their eggs, larvae or maggots? Are they still living inside wall cracks or other holes? After a while, you will be right at the beginning, and you have to go all over again. On the other hand, a monthly service is probably too much because pests are not that dangerous or stubborn. They are not that kind of a problem. They are not invincible.

Do we have any other pest control options?

You can also go and buy some pest control products from your local hardware store. You can buy do-it-yourself products that are an option that you might consider. But also consider that those products are the only thing consumers have as an alternative to professional pest control service. Commercial pest products are only being used, or at least that is the recommendation, with the adequate equipment ant tools that are designed for them. So this is the option if you have enough time, will and money to do it yourself if you don’t trust the companies.

Another problem is that you don’t know, as a consumer, which product is good and which is more effective than the other. And not all pest sprays apply to all pests. Each type of pests has a specific type of pest spray. A licensed technician is trained and knows where to spray and not to overspray because too many pesticides are not good for your health. So maybe a wiser decision is to pay a company that will do that for you.

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And what about the cost?

Well, it is around 60-80 dollars every other month. Maybe it is a little bit more expensive than do-it-yourself products, but they will get the job done. You, on the other hand, wouldn’t be so lucky.

Steps of the effective pest control

Steps of the effective pest control

Whether you have a problem with pests in your residential home or commercial premises, quality and thorough pest control is a necessary process to prevent costly damage. Applying chemical solutions designed to exterminate insects every once in a while won’t suffice. Especially if these chemicals threat health of residents or environmental conditions. Pest control is a continuous process that includes several steps, and it is best provided by experienced professionals. Quality pest control will not only exterminate existing pests but also prevent them from coming back by removing the sources of their emerging. It is called integrated pest management, and these are the steps it should include.

Inspect everything and prevent

pest-controlInspection has to be thorough and regularly conducted. Pests are capable of causing serious damage long before the obvious signs appear. Thus you have to search for invaders actively. A thorough inspection should primarily include most common places where different kinds of pests usually settle. When it comes to residential houses, this refers to humid and warm places, kitchen and bathroom, wooden constructions, basement, old worn out walls, floors or furniture. Commercial premises are at risk when there are various organic ingredients around, storage areas and other areas providing food and conditions for pests’ reproduction. If you spot certain weak spots and potential entry places during the inspection, intervene right away. Invest into structural maintenance, conduct regular sanitation and fix all the issues inside your residence that could provide conditions for pests’ invasion.

Analyze the problem deeper

Similar to thorough inspection and prevention methods you should apply before you face pest invasion, once it happens, you should go deeper into the issue. Elimination of existing pests won’t be enough if you don’t spot the underlying problem. It could be the problem with humidity caused by leaking pipes, odors or food or debris around the house, cracked wooden construction that requires maintenance and much more. If you don’t address the underlying problem, eliminated pests will invade again.

Apply pest – specific treatment

The market offers a wide range of pest control management strategies, devices and chemical solutions designed to repel the invaders. However, the more you adjust the treatment to the identified specific species the more efficient the results will be. It all starts will an adequate identification of the troubling insect and knowing details about its behavior. Professional pest control services hire experts trained to recognize a given insect, know their enemy and apply optimal countermeasure to exterminate it efficiently. Treatment selection is probably best left to the professionals. They know to pick the right measurement, to apply it to the right places in the adequate doses that will provide an effect to the insects but won’t harm residents or environment in any manner. Also, professional will offer you useful advice on how to prevent the same issue in the future or how to minimize already caused damage and to repair the items that can be saved.

pest-control proccess

Pest control is continuous process

Keep in mind that eliminating pest invasion once is not the end of the process. To avoid the same unpleasant experience in the future, apply the continuous pest monitoring system that will check your premises frequently and react immediately if necessary any time again.


Are extermination services a worthy investment

Are extermination services a worthy investment

If some kind of bug or a rodent has invaded your home and you can’t find a way to deal with them, calling a pest control agency can benefit you in several ways. It will save you time and money, and you won’t be left with a headache people usually get when they fight termites and spiders on their own. Companies of this kind in most cases have a team of properly equipped professionals who possess all the necessary knowledge to battle with all kinds of infestations. If you have just moved to a new home, or some kind of unwanted animal has gained access to your current premises, you should definitely consider hiring an exterminator.


The place you live in should be a fortress that protects you from all sorts of invaders and ensures your own personal safety. When you call in the heavy anti-pest artillery to wipe out all the pests in your home, the first thing they should do is specify a plan.


Before their guns go blazing, some kind of strategy is a must. They should take into account the exact dimensions of your household, the severity of the problem, and what should be done to establish a pest-free environment in the long run. Before moving into a new home, it is sometimes best to do a precaution treatment of your walls to stop bugs from coming in the first place. In the case of an emergency, there are services that will help you deal with nests and hives. Whatever problem you may have, an exterminator will find a way to fix it. Monitoring your house before the infestation takes place is an option worthy of considering too.

The cost

Deployment of pest control services costs money, for sure. But it will cost you even more if all those ants and termites remain undercover. With some insects, you probably won’t even know how to recognize their presence. Specialized pest control agencies will dispatch exterminators with a keen eye for pest detection. Trying to cut cost and evade using their services will leave you with a prolonged and sometimes unrepairable damage.

The health and safety hazards

Professional exterminators should know the exact effect of using a particular chemical. They know where and how to apply pesticides within your household. Many agencies are taking the green route these days, applying repellents that do not pose a threat for us and the living environment. When using something that is potentially hazardous or even lethal, one must have all the necessary knowledge and expertise. Otherwise, yours and your family members’ safety will be jeopardized. There are tons of different chemicals you could buy yourself, but you should remember one thing – life is not a movie, and exposing yourself to hazardous materials won’t turn you into a Spider-man. You are more likely to become a helpless fly.

Respecting your time

Nobody likes sitting around all day, waiting for your pest company to come over. Accommodation of your business schedule is incorporated in every agency’s policy.

Benefits of pesticide education

Benefits of pesticide education

Pesticides are biological and chemical agents specifically designed to destroy pests of all kind. Since their invention in the nineteenth century, they have seen their implementation in both domestic and industrial environments. They are supposed to eliminate and hold of all kinds of animals that are giving us trouble, but they also present a great danger to our health, with their implementation often leading to fatal scenarios. The most common field of pesticide use is agriculture. When such an essential part of our food chain is invaded with poisonous chemicals, it brings up several questions we have to ask ourselves.

Why the need for pesticides

The main purpose of agriculture is the production of livestock and crops for mass consumption. With the ever growing population on our planet, the abundance of fresh and healthy eatable materials is absolutely essential for our sole survival. But humans are not the only ones living in this world, and other forms of life don’t have a plan of backing out and leaving all there is to us. Almost 40 percent of the entire American crop production is devastated by some form of pest, which leaves the country’s economy with a financial loss of almost 150 billion dollars every year.

Because of these enormous economic blowouts, pesticides are used as a weapon of mass destruction against insects, rodents, and birds. Various sorts of these chemicals exist in today’s market, but most agronomists like to stick with insecticides and herbicides, which are designed to exterminate undesirable bugs and plants. The devastation of crops is one of the world’s biggest agronomic problems, and the usage of pesticides has increased rapidly over the past couple of decades. The widespread application of these chemicals brought up questions whether they are a benefit or a hazard.



Some of the good sides of this kind of pest control are increased levels of production, more money for the farmers and the possibility of many diseases being stopped from spreading. Without pesticides being applied, damage to the crops would be significantly larger. They give us the opportunity to fight pests more efficiently and produce more food in the process. And with bigger production comes bigger profit. Another considerable factor is cutting down the cost of labor. With pesticides, you won’t have to deal with all sorts of weed on your fields. The chemicals do their job.


Besides the benefits of pesticide usage, there are also many problems diagnosed. Pesticides don’t like to stick to one place; they prefer moving to another field, to other herbal species. Their traces can be found in soil, air and water. They often spread to other living forms and usually do more harm than good in the process. They also have a bad tendency of disrupting the Earth’s ecosystem. Whenever a pesticide is being applied, it not only removes pests but other organisms as well. The balance of our natural environment is therefore dramatically changed. Besides disrupting the wildlife, pesticides are a known enemy of human’s health. Our exposure to them can only lead to poisoning.

What you should be aware of when engaging in pest control

What you should be aware of when engaging in pest control

When you decide it is time to fight back against those pests what is the best course of action you can take. For starters, it is smart to get informed. Many people just go out and buy the generic poisons or have some poisons from before lying in the garage and they try to use them to kill every pest that comes to bother them. The issue here is there is more than one way to get rid of pests, and if we had to be honest, poisoning them is not the best approach although it does work.

First thing is first, try to prevent them from ever reaching your area. If you live surrounded by sectors that are known for many issues with various pests than you should strive to make your space as unattractive to the pest as you can.

The things you can do to help with this are:

fly– Don’t keep food in the open, ever!

– Put lids that can limit the spread of the smell on your garbage cans/bags.

– Store your food reserves in plastic or metal containers

– Check your pipe areas, if you notice any leaks, fix them ASAP

– Close off any and all holes in the walls and ceilings, so they can’t wander into your area

– Get rid of things you don’t use like old boxes, old furniture. These things are good hiding places/breeding grounds

– If you have lots of things entering your home on a regular basis, check the boxes for traveling pests

Now that we have tried to prevent them and failed, it’s time to fight them. Depending if they are rodents or insects, you would have to fight them in a different way. The chemicals that are used in these two groups are different, and you should always read the labels and instructions on how to use them since you don’t want to get an irritated skin or worse some kind of poisoning that would send you to the emergency room.

Believe us some of these poisons are no joke, so make sure to have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling them.

Keep your pets and kids away

The biggest problem people need to be aware of is that even if you put that poison down for the rats or cockroaches, that they can be reached by other unintended things. Those “Things” can be your pets or your kids, and that is definitely not the targeted pests you want to get rid of.

Make sure the areas where you placed those poisons are hard to reach by your pets or kids, and if they can still reach those areas because those areas could be potential areas where the pests frequently pass, then secure the area so that your dog or cat can’t eat the poison.

What are pesticides and when to use them

What are pesticides and when to use them

Pesticides is a broad term when it comes to what they can be utilized for. Primarily they are used for killing fungi, feral animals, insects and other forms of pests.

They can be used in several different forms:

-solid form: in this form the positions are usually in crystal powder or granular form.

-aerosol form:  the poisons that are in spray cans and huge canisters that can be sprayed in mist form

– liquids form: comes as bottled liquids

All of these forms have their benefits and specific uses for many situations, but the most important thing you should know about them is that they are highly poisonous and should be handled with extreme care.

Pesticides should be handled with the instructions that are written on the back of the product. If for some reason you are unsure how to handle them, gear up with adequate personal protective gear (PPE) and don’t let the poison chemical come in contact with your breathing, your skin, eyes or mouth.

Additionally, be aware that these chemicals can harm the earth, air, and water around it, so handle it with the utmost care for the environment as they can come in contact with unintended species and cause more harm.

There are 4 different schedules for the dangerous levels of the chemical.


These poisons are safe for handling and are classified as minimal health hazards if handled as per the instructions on the container.

– Schedule 5

Very weak toxin levels if used as per the instructions on the container.

– Schedule 6

Moderate amount of care is required when handling these poisons, which means personal protective equipment is a must.

– Schedule 7

Very high toxin levels. Must be handled with full PPE and may cause harm at the smallest contact with humans. Handle with care and store in safe places as per the instructions on the label.

All of these pesticides can cause problems in the food chain so make sure that you handle and dispose of the pesticides as per instructions on the container.

Additionally, keep in mind that these poison chemicals can spread to unwanted areas or animals and as such should be only used if you have secured the areas from those unwanted situations.

Pesticides have both positive and negative sides for use some of them are:

apple toxic– Advantages

They are not difficult to apply

They are extremely efficient at doing their job

Quick and precise results

They are a cheap method when trying to control a huge amount of pests.


Pesticides can cause major health problems for humans, pets, and other wildlife if they are not used correctly

Secondary poisoning can introduce problems in the natural habitat of animals

Kills helpful bugs like ladybugs and praying mantises

Can have detrimental consequences on the water system due to contamination

The smartest way to defend against many pests is to limit the areas where they can feed and breed if pesticides must be used than secure care during handling advisable.