This time we will talk about unwanted “tenants” – insects, that hide in our apartments, homes, cottages, cafes, business or any other area we use. City life, besides comfort and all the benefits of a place of residence, has a worse side, when we look at the problem of unwanted insects in the living space. The cockroaches, ants (small yellow, winged, ordinary black, big termites), spiders, and fleas are the most frequent guests, and there are many other less well-known species.

Where do insects hide?

They can be wherever there is a source of food for them or a place where they can be hidden and multiplicated. Cockroaches seek hidden, dark, humid and warm places. Kitchen, bathroom, pantry, basement and similar rooms are their hot spots. Incest also hides in electrical installations, sockets, housings of the appliance, and the heat of the motor technology are very attractive to them. Fleas prefer soft surfaces, rugs, furniture, mattresses or any form of woodwork. Home spiders, everyone knows, live wherever they can pull off the net, on ceilings and in hidden places.

The agents used for disinfection can be insecticidal or biocidal.

Disinfection refers to insect suppression and is the solution to be applied to remove unwanted insects. Speaking about the insect suppression, the principle is simple, and it comes down to the application of various forms of insecticidal agents.

Insecticidal disinfection agents that are used indoors contain some of the chemical insecticides and are used as high-quality agents that successfully destroy adult insects. Depending on the form in which they are applied, they can be in the form of a liquid concentrate, liquid solution, solid beads, pastes, powders, gels or in the form of smoke evaporation.

Biocides for indoor disinsection are used as agents with a lower concentration of active substance, qualitative and are safe for the destruction of adult insects and some larval forms. By shape, it can be liquid, powdery, solid or in the form of a gel.

How to apply a disinsection agent

If we notice that there are several insects in our building, or the intention is to make solid protection from possible insect housing, it is necessary to install solid materials: powder, gel or possibly spray with a solution of a protective agent. In this way, the present insects will be removed, and the site is protected for a long period if new insects appear. If a large number of insects occur in one or more rooms every day, then the solution is to spray the insect repellent with a repetition of two weeks. Also, it is also necessary to set the solid state to prolong the effect of suppression. This achieves a successful current and extended operation.

But if you cannot handle the problem by yourself, if you are not sure how to do it safely, or you have someone in your house who might be allergic, the best solution for you is to call a professional.