As we all know, children and infants are more sensitive to toxic vapor from pesticides than adults. So how can we minimize the risk for our children and infants?

Our children are more sensitive to toxic than us.

children are more sensitive to toxicTheir brain is still developing after birth. The same goes for their nervous system and all other organs. If they are exposed, their kidneys can’t extract all those toxins like mature kidneys can. They are also in much greater danger because they are usually always on the ground touching things and are in much bigger danger to get in contact with the chemicals. Children and babies also like to put their toys in their mouths, and we need to make sure that those toys were not in contact with the pesticide. It is why it is important to minimize the health risks and child exposure to these chemicals.

So what do we need to do exactly?

Always make sure that the product you are using is approved and legal and that it is intended for that kind of purpose or situation you are using it in. Always look for the least toxic yet effective pesticide for pest control. If you are hiring an exterminator, you can always ask him/her to spray the least toxic pesticide he/she has. It is important to keep you, children, away or out of the area where the pesticides are being used. And after use, you should allow the pesticide to dry out before entering the room or an area which was being treated. After the treatment, always make sure that your children washed their hands and that their hands are clean if they are eating or if they are too small and like to put fingers in their mouths. If you applied pesticide on your pet, make sure that the pet is dry and that there is no pesticide on it because children will instantly go for the pet to play with it and that can lead to toxic contact. It is important never to use illegal pesticides because they are more dangerous. Even if children get in contact with normal pesticides, it is less dangerous than if they get in contact with illegal ones because those are very dangerous and poisonous.

Keep it away from children

Always store pesticides in their original bottles and keep them away from children. Never mix or put pesticides in places where you store food or beverage or any other groceries. Always take steps to reduce the pollution and toxic vapor from pesticides that are being used and always make sure that those pesticides have the least amount of toxic inside them. If your clothes were exposed to the toxic or you think that they might have been, you must separate them from the rest of the laundry and wash them alone in the washing machine. It is very important because one moment of your unawareness can be dangerous for your loved ones and that is a thing you need to consider.