Every kind of pest is terrible for both your home and your life. It usually takes tons of time and money to get rid of them, and the worst part is that they can return at any time if certain conditions of pest control is not performed. This means that the pests can literally move in your home in no time at all and it can be hard to get rid of them, depending on the type of the pests and the level of the infestation that has happened.

We certainly don’t like any pests in our home, however, when it comes down to the worst of the worst we have made a list of the 5 worst pests that are pretty common in people’s homes in no particular order.

1) Cockroaches

The most common pest, and the most famous pest of them all. The Cockroaches are pests that usually infest wet and humid places where they can breed and all they need is food. While most of the people don’t even know that their homes are infested, the roaches will be hiding in the walls and crevices during the day and walk ours during the night. Eliminating roaches takes some time and it takes a full treatment of all the wet surfaces and holes in the walls. These little pests pose a health risk as they are usually responsible for contaminating the food preparation area and asthma attacks and allergic reactions in kids and adults.

2) Bedbugs

Bed bugs are the worst as they keep attacking us while we sleep. The number of bed bugs has risen in the past couple of years and once they infest a bed its usually time to either call the professionals or get a new bed. The treatment is not expansive to get rid of them but consistency is important or they can come back easily.

3) Rats

Rats are the most famous disease-carrying pests. The problem with these rodents is that they usually make their home in areas where you don’t check that often like the attack and they just wreck the place with their feces and urine. The horror does not stop there as they traverse through your whole home through the ventilation shafts and once the vents are infested with them the spreading of their bacteria and diseases begins to be problematic.

4) Ants

There are many species of ants and some are particularly aggressive where their bite really hurts. However, the problem is not in their aggressiveness but in their numbers. During the summer these pests come in masses if they find a food resource in your home.

5) House Flies

House flies are the most boring and persistent of all the pests. While ants will bug you with their numbers and unwanted raids to your kitchen, the house flies will make every room their home if you let them. During the summer it’s imperative that you have all your windows protected with a net, and makes sure to take your garbage out frequently as they love to come in, buzz around and lay eggs wherever they can.