First of all, there are a lot of cases where an exterminator can resolve your problems with all sorts of pests. Most people ask this question because they think or they have heard that certain type of year or even weather can affect your pest control efficiency. The truth is that there is no right time. You can always call the exterminators whenever you feel the need or when you see that certain pests have come up in your home.

Seasonal infestations and other factors that can make an impact on your decision.

Now that you know that there isn’t any right or wrong time to call the exterminators let us get deeper into the subject. There are certain times or periods that some species of pests have a faster or higher infestation rate which means that they expand more quickly or rapidly. For example ants, mosquitoes, and a big majority of other pests are usually more active in the summer than in the winter. Of course, this is just a generalization because there are always exceptions.

Seasonal infestations

During winter time, it is usually harder to find or track down traces of pest infestation. Because of their biology pests are usually in some stasis or dormant in their nests, and in this period it is usually much easier to find them and get rid of them usually almost all of them. As we all know exposing them to extreme cold will usually kill them. And of course, we have a situation where the season is not an issue. Instead, we have the weather as the main reason.

Mosquitoes and other pests usually require water or high levels of standing water to breed and develop so that is why they all enjoy the rain and that is why they are more active during rainy periods. For example, other pest species do not like rain or humid weather. They usually like much higher or dryer ground. That is your home most of the time. For example, silverfish, water bugs and cockroaches all like dry weather and climate, so if you want to get rid of them, the best time to take action is during dry seasons. This period is when they are most active, and this is the period when you have the highest chance of eradicating them.

Call ExpertsSo if you want to take action against these little troublemakers then any time is the best time to do it. Just take action.

Call the experts – if you don’t know what to do

Even though there will be a time of year when these actions are much easier, faster, more lethal for pest and less expensive for you, the first step is always important. Different kinds of pests are more or less active at different types of seasons. But on the other hand, you could be in a lot of trouble because you could have a more than one type of pest problem and it is usually that kind of situation. So the best way is to call the experts, and they will handle your problem.